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Home window tinting adds beauty and value to your property, but it does much more. Solar tint Miami focuses on each client’s tinting needs to find the best type of tint, the right color and the right protection. Many office buildings have had tinted windows for decades, but affordable window tinting is also very beneficial for homes. It reduces glare by 90 percent, provides ultraviolet (UV) protection up to 99 percent and significantly lowers your heating and cooling costs. Here are the top four benefits of affordable window tinting for your home.

Privacy and Protection

Solar tint Miami also provides another kind of protection. Studies show that certain types of window tinting slow forcible entry through a window. Forcible entry accounts for about 60.5 percent of burglaries in the U.S. When you look for affordable window tinging from solar tint Miami, you can ask about the types of tint and professional installation techniques that make your windows much more difficult for an intruder to enter.

There is always the chance that a storm will develop that could break windows. With affordable window tinting, the glass will not fly around the room. The tinting holds it together so even if it shatters from being hit by a baseball or golf ball, it will stay in the window frame reducing the possibility of injuries from flying glass.

If your home is in a crowded area, solar tint Miami may offer an element of privacy. If you have a significant number of windows on the ground floor where people walk by or in a high-rise where people can see inside your home, affordable window tinting will allow you to see out without blocking your view but will prevent people from seeing you. Many people find themselves closing the drapes during the day because of prying eyes. With solar tint Miami, you can have the attractive view or ambiance of natural light without worrying about being seen.

Protection of Your Household Furnishings

The sun’s UV rays are not only unhealthy for your skin, they can damage your carpet, upholstery, drapes and furniture. If any of the above are near a window, they may begin to show signs of fading, cracking or blistering. Affordable window tinting allows you to maintain the beauty of your interior décor and still enjoy the sun’s rays.

Hardwood floors are especially vulnerable to UV rays and areas that are repeatedly struck by unprotected sunlight will show signs of fading and cracking. Affordable window tinting is the most effective way to protect your beautiful hardwood floors without completely closing off the view and natural light from your windows. Solar tint Miami is more effective than low-E or low emissivity glass that is installed in some homes today for protecting your floors, upholstery and carpets.

Home Window Tinting Saves on Energy Costs

Today, it is necessary to reduce energy costs to help the planet as well as your budget. Window tinting is an affordable way to achieve both goals. When the sun shines through your window, it appreciably heats the air inside. This will cause the air conditioning to cycle on more often than necessary. It may not cycle off because of the constantly heated air. The unit will overwork and require expensive repairs.

How much you can save on your energy costs depends on a number of factors. The type of film you choose, the location of the house and it’s orientation, and how much shading from trees. Most of the heat in your home comes from the infrared rays of the sun, and solar tint Miami film that is professionally applied will reduce those rays from entering your home.

When deciding on a window film there are two important things to consider, including the solar reflectance and solar heat gain coefficient. The solar reflectance is the amount of sunlight reflected by the film. The higher the reflectance rating the greater is the heat reduction.

Solar-heat gain coefficient measures the amount of solar energy the film is allowing into the building. The lower the coefficient of the window, the less heat will be absorbed into the building. By installing tinted windows, your home’s cooling and heating bill may be reduced by as much as 30 percent.

Another way that window tinting can save you money is that some utility companies are encouraging energy-efficiency including window film and are offering rebates for homes and offices that install heat-efficiency window film. In addition, by having certain window films professionally installed, homeowners may be eligible for a credit on their income tax return.

Protection from the Skin Damages Of Ultraviolet (UV) Light

When you are indoors, you may not realize that you are being affected by UV rays coming through your window, but you are. Since the Skin Cancer Foundation reports that UV radiation is the top cause of non-melanoma skin cancers and one of the causes of melanoma skin cancer, it is a good idea to protect your family even when they are indoors. Solar tint Miami provides affordable window tinting that will block 99 percent of UV rays entering your home.

The UV rays flowing through your windows can give you sunburn indoors, contribute to premature aging of the skin and glare can damage the eyes. You can compare affordable window tinting to the sunscreen and sunglasses you use when you go outside. The film is available in large sheets in several colors and will cut glare by more than 50 percent while allowing 30 – 80 percent of visible light to enter your home or office. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, window tinting is beneficial for people who suffer from photosensitivity diseases such as lupus and xeroderma pigmentosum by reducing the UV rays to almost nothing.

Whether you are building a new home or have lived in your home for years, having your windows professionally tinted is a good idea. While tinting provides many benefits, it is also aesthetically pleasing. It adds curb appeal to a home and value to an apartment. Affordable window tinting comes in a variety of decorative colors and styles to match the interior or exterior of your home or office. You may be careful to protect yourself from the sun when you go outdoors, but don’t realize you also need protection indoors. With solar tint Miami, you can rest assured that you have increased your protection from storm damage, burglars and UV rays.

The Top Four Benefits of Home Window Tinting