Beat Miami’s heat with affordable window tinting

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Beat Miami’s heat with affordable window tinting

Although it may seem like a luxury at first, having the windows tinted on your home is a step toward paying lower utilities as well as increasing your overall quality of life. In fact, affordable window tinting can have other hidden benefits you may not be expecting. To gain a better understanding of how a simple low-cost window tinting film can dramatically change your quality of life, take a look at our outline below. If you still have questions, call us to set up a consultation.

Beat Miami’s heat with 60% heat rejection

In many cases, an affordable window tint estimate for your home will include other long-term factors. For example, one of the key reasons many homeowners in Miami, Florida, have window treatments installed is due to the extreme heat. Especially if your home is built to take the brunt of the sun’s exposure, it can pay to have windows treated to reject excess heat. Although estimates vary, it is expected that window tinting will result in approximately 60% heat reduction in the home. Obviously, this is an excellent way to reduce the overall cooling bills related to your home’s budget.

Avoid eye strain with 90% glare reduction

Overwhelmingly, homeowners who work from home will find glare can be a disadvantage to concentrating on screens or paperwork. Worse, if you have a home theatre, it can be difficult to keep the windows open to enjoy the day when direct light from the windows are blinding your television screen completely. In these situations, the best solution is to have one or more side of your home treated with affordable window tinting. This solution may also work to help photosensitive individuals improve their quality of life within the home without needing to always have the curtains drawn.

99% UV protection

One reason many customers will search for window and glass repair near me is to find a solution for UV protection on their current home. The reason for having window tints installed in these instances revolves around the damage that UV rays can cause. Namely, UV light promotes skin cancer. If you already spend a lot of time outdoors, you may want your windows to have 99% protection. Another long-term advantage of blocking UV rays is protecting furniture and decorative materials in your home from sun bleaching. This means your sofa, pillows, bedding, and carpets have a longer lifespan since they are not being exposed to damaging UV rays.

Save on summer cooling costs

When your neighbors tell you window tint services pay for themselves quickly, they often have large multi-story windows in mind. Although they provide a breathtaking view and are often well-insulated, affordable window tinting will keep your cooling budget under wraps if you have large picture or bay windows that receive an extended amount of direct light. Instead of paying high utility bills for Miami’s year-round heat, combine 60% heat rejection, 90% glare reduction, and 99% UV protection for an unbeatable combination.

Improve your health

Have you experienced heat exhaustion because your home’s cooling system could not keep up with an especially hot day? Instead of paying to install a second unit or continuing to experience high bills for HVAC repairs, consider calling for window and glass repair near me Miami services. Affordable window tint can also help prevent skin cancer, but there is another reason this solution works. This aspect to affordable window tinting that is worth mentioning is the ability to reduce headaches because glare is dramatically reduced inside the home. However, although it is commonly cited online, window tinting will not correct humidity or moisture problems in the home. This means a window tinting will not decrease mildew and other microbes from having an ideal environment.

Enhanced privacy and security

If you love your view, but do not want neighbors waving at you every time they see you standing in front of your window, affordable window tint might be right for you. When your windows are tinted with mirrored film, this allows you to see out, but neighbors and members of the public only see their own reflection. Another reason homeowners call a window and glass repair near me Miami service for privacy tinting is due to security issues. Unfortunately, homes without window tints can be easy prey to the prying eyes of criminals.

Fine art and antiques protection

If one of your favorite activities is going to Art Basel Miami, and you have accumulated several pieces, you want to keep them in mint condition. In addition to using extreme climate control to keep your artwork pristine and having track lighting installed, controlling the quality of the direct light the room receives can be crucial. This is why many prestigious art museums and galleries have affordable window tint that is visible from photos of the outside of the building. Along these lines, affordable window tinting can also keep antiques such as tapestries and other woven or natural materials in optimal condition. Translucent protective films used by art museums are also available to homeowners for windows and skylights.

Improve curb appeal for real estate sales with window film

When you are selling your home, one way to get extra mileage out of a window and glass repair near me search is to ask how tinting prevents cracking and fading. Although it will be impossible to resurrect windows that were poorly installed or were manufactured poorly, affordable window tint will block damaging heat. This ultimately prevents future fading or cracking issues of the glass. On top of making your home sale more attractive to real estate buyers, window tinting can also have a fashionable component and can dramatically improve your home’s curb appeal.

Let us help you with your window tinting in the Miami area

Window tinting is not only for office buildings; it is also for homes and boats. Regardless, if you need an expert in window and glass repair near me services in the Miami, Florida, area; we are the team you have been seeking. To learn more about our residential and commercial affordable window tinting services, contact us today. At Miami Dade Tinting, we look forward to meeting each new customer, and we can give a detailed estimate in writing. Thank you for choosing our business as part of your home’s long-term budget solutions.