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Marine Window Tinting

Your boat is an investment in excellence. Whether you own a yacht or a smaller vessel, it signifies that you have arrived. Through hard work and driven focus, you have achieved real success and the trappings that go along with it. You have shown that you can handle the responsibility of a high-powered businessperson, and that also means that you can handle the responsibility of boat ownership.

Nothing provides a greater statement of your company’s credibility than taking clients out on the water. Nighttime parties in the dock can bring your company’s management together and provide a venue where they become lifelong friends with your most important clients. Outside of the social and business benefits, sometimes taking your boat out on the water for family time provides some of life’s most treasured memories. A solo sojourn on the waters is always tonic for the soul.

With your boat providing so many advantages, it is crucial to invest in making it a top-of-the-line asset. Every boat with windows needs marine window tinting. This is especially true when its home port is Miami. Marine window tinting gives your boat or yacht a sleek, sophisticated look. When you see a boat in Southern Florida without tinting, it looks dated and out of place. It looks like the owners are neglecting their duty of care.

Your boat is your pride and joy, and you want it to look like a winner. The right marine window tinting shows the world that you have style. As important as style is, however, marine window tinting also provides many practical benefits that no boat enthusiast should go without while navigating Southern Florida’s waters.

UV Protection

Besides the sleek look, boat window tinting provides essential protection from the harmful rays that shine so powerfully in the Miami area. As Southern Florida boat enthusiasts know, when you get out on the water, the reflection of those rays into the pilot house and boat living quarters gives those rays a whole new intensity. This leads to eye strain, discomfort, and a lesser experience for both pilots and passengers.

Going into the open waters in Southern Florida without marine window tinting is like driving a convertible with leather interior in the desert. The sun simply becomes too powerful and without adequate protection, those UV rays literally cause the passengers to wither. Boat window tinting provides the obvious answer to this problem. It provides the passengers with cool places to relax and enjoy the experience while the pilot, from behind marine window tinting, remains focused and alert.

Boat window tinting provides 60% heat rejection, 90% glare reduction, and 99% UV protection. Statistics like this make the choice clear. Boat window tinting is a must in Southern Florida.

UVA and UVB sun rays are more than a nuisance. They are dangerous. Time spent in the sun causes skin damage and skin cancer. The last thing you want is for your boat to harm the health of your friends, family, and business associates.

The risk from sun rays is intensified on the water. This is why open boat travel in the ocean causes such extreme suffering for those at sea too long. There is simply nowhere to hide from the sun’s intensity.

Marine window tinting is the only way to prevent skin damage aboard ship. Plain windows do not block the harmful, cancer-causing rays. Only boat window tinting can provide the shield needed from these rays.

When you employ boat window tinting, you do more than protect your passenger’s health, you protect your investment in the boat. Today’s vessels are becoming more and more comfortable, luxurious, and technically equipped. Boating now offers the opportunity to take the comforts of home out onto the open sea.

Boat window tinting extends the longevity of the furniture, technical equipment, and luxurious accoutrements that make your boat so special. Just like the interiors of vehicles in hot climates fade and crack under the sun’s powerful rays, boat interiors are gradually destroyed by the sun as well. Windows without tint do nothing to protect interior objects because the sun’s rays penetrate right through them. Even closing blinds does not keep out the sun’s invisible rays. Only boat window tinting can keep your interior looking sleek and new.


Whether out to sea or in port, safety is every boat owner’s concern. Accidents on the water are far more critical than those on land. While in port, thieves look at boats as easy targets. Boat window tinting prevents accidents and keeps thieves away.

Broken glass causes grave danger during boating accidents. When a window shatters, the shards can cause devastating injuries. Marine window tinting prevents the glass from shattering because it is engineered with adhesives that hold the glass in place. When impacted, rather than exploding, windows treated with marine window tinting form small, web-like cracks. The window may need replacement, but no sharp objects will be flying at your passengers.

Thieves love boats because when they are docked, no one is usually aboard. They also know that valuable equipment and supplies are stored in the cabins. Most often, these thefts take the form of a smash and grab. Thieves break the windows to get at your property.

With marine window tinting, the smash and grab is always foiled. Just like with accident impacts, the tinted window cannot be broken by the thieves attempts to smash it. This usually means that the thieves never try to smash their way into a boat equipped with marine window tinting. First, they cannot see inside. That means they don’t know if there is anything of value. Second, the tint makes it too difficult. They instead choose a target with no marine window tinting.


The cost of marine window tinting is tiny compared to its benefits. Prices depend on the tint selected, the number of windows, and the complexity of installation. Here are some typical examples of marine window tinting prices:

A Low Cost Tint $50 and $100
Mid-Range Tint $150 and $300
Complex Tint $200 and $500
Large Scale Tint more than $400

Most boat owners look at these prices and conclude they are a tremendous value. Just giving your boat the sophisticated look of tinted windows is worth the cost. When you add UV protection and the safety and comfort boat window tinting provides, the decision is a no brainer. Boats that traverse the sun scorched seas of Southern Florida need the sleek looking window tinting that keeps their passengers protected and cool.