What Are Window Decals?

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Wall Signage Of A Building

They are practical artistic removable signs you can adhere to glass or glass-like surfaces. You can apply them either inside or outside. Depending on which type you choose, we can print them on both sides so your visitors can see the design on both sides. Place them on your store or office windows, your boat windows, your car windows, a window in your home, or any other window with a smooth surface.

Unlike independent signage, most cities require no permit or approval for window advertisements. These decals are a great advertising technique that will get the attention of people passing by.

While our window tint film graphic designs are intended to be permanent, decal designs are removable. This means you can change your window advertising to promote specific events, sales, or any message of your choice.

We can cut your decal design either with a border around the design or we can cut it exactly on the edge of the design.


These Are The Most Common Window Decal Varieties

Perforated: We make these decal graphics with tiny micro punctures throughout the design. This creates a one-way stunning design to attract customers. Visitors on the outside see your design but cannot see inside your store. Customers inside your store cannot see the graphic design, but they can see outside.

Clear: Clear decals show your design without blocking the light coming through the window. Window visibility is transparent everywhere except for the area covered by the actual design. These graphics are often used to state store hours or show a business logo.

Opaque/White: These decals blur window visibility on both sides of the window on the areas not covered with the graphic design.

Frosted: Either the area outside of the design or the design itself can be frosted while the opposite area is clear.

Installing and Placing Your Window Decal:
For either a dry or a wet decal, the temperature should be between 50 degrees and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The window needs to be cleaned and dry. It is a good idea to measure and determine the exact spot where the decal will go. Use an erase marker or masking tape to mark corners for the desired placement of the decal.

Dry Decal:
• Remove the decal backing as you go.
• Place a corner or an edge of the decal on the window surface. Press the decal down, and continue pressing the decal against the window surface, and removing the backing as you press down until you have completed the entire decal.
• If you see air bubbles, place the decal backing you removed on top of the design. This will protect the decal from any marks as you use a squeegee to press out the air bubbles. Any small remaining air bubbles will usually disappear after a 24-hour period.

Wet Decal:
• Remove the decal backing all at once.
• Mix a solution as directed. Use a spray bottle to spray it evenly on the surface and back of the decal. Apply the mixture liberally, but do not submerge it because too much water could damage the decal.
• Place it on the window surface, starting at a corner or a side, and press firmly until it is complete. This solution you have applied makes it possible for you to slide the decal around for proper placement.
• If you notice any air bubbles, use the same procedure to remove the air bubbles as is described for the dry decal placement.