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Boats are exposed to extreme environmental conditions that require special coatings to protect the windows and other glass materials. When it comes to boat window tinting, you have a wide variety of options to choose from depending on your budget. It is important to remember that similar to your home and car tints, not all boat tints are created equal. In the article below, I will discuss the benefits of tinting your boat and some of the best tints to use.

Why You Should Tint Your Boat

Heat reduction– One of the most obvious benefits of tinting your boat is the reduction in heat. Tint can block over 91% of the sun’s harmful rays. This can make your time out on the water during hot weather much more enjoyable.

Reduced glare– The sun can create dangerous glare conditions that can be harmful to your eyes and reduce visibility. This can lead to potentially serious or fatal accidents. Tint can minimize glare on sunny days.

Improved appearance– Besides its protective benefits, tint can also enhance the look of your boat. Tint can be purchased in a variety of colors to complement the color of your boat. A quality tint will be very clear and will not affect your visibility.

Improved protection– The sun not only wreaks havoc on your exterior but the interior also. Tint can extend the life of your interior and furnishings by dramatically reducing the impact of UV rays. It can also protect against fading and deterioration. Another benefit of tint is that it can give you improved privacy. In addition, tint can protect your skin. Lastly, tint can give you added protection if a window is broken or shattered.

Huper Optik Ceramic Series

Huper Optik Ceramic tint offers many benefits to include: a cooler cabin, improved fuel efficiency, and reduced glare. It can do all of this at the highest level without reducing visibility. Unlike some other tints, Huber Optik Ceramic will not breakdown under extreme environmental conditions. This film is also crystal clear at night. The Huber Optik Nano-Ceramic film is the first and only patented film of its type. It was considered a leap in technology at the time of development and it was patented in 1998.

Xtreme Optics Series

This is a high-quality film that is designed for the budget minded shopper. It is a dye stable film that is guaranteed not to lose its original color through fading. Xtreme Optics films are the ideal combination of appearance and affordability. This film is available in five different light visibility options for legal installation in almost any area. This tint will also not interfere with radio frequencies or other electronic devices.

Boat Tinting Laws

Before you tint your boat, it is important to become familiar with the maritime laws. Unlike cars where the tinting laws vary from state to state, boats have to adhere to the universal maritime tinting laws. Boats follow a uniform law because lighting conditions on the water are essentially the same everywhere. The visible light transmission(VLT) for boats is 70%. This strict requirement ensures excellent visibility anywhere. A popular misconception about tints of all types whether on boats, homes, or vehicles, is that the darkest tint offers the best protection. This is why some people will ignore established laws. It is important to remember that the key benefits of tint can be gained with lighter legal tint. Going darker will create reduced visibility and a potentially dangerous situation

In closing, boat window tinting can offer many benefits such as UV protection, improved security, and privacy. Some of the best tints available are Huber Ceramic Series and Xtreme Optics Series.