Benefits of Heat-reducing Window Film

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Benefits of Heat-reducing Window Film

Weatherproofing your home, applying caulk around exposed areas, and putting heat-reducing window film on your windows are some of the best ways to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your home or office. In fact, applying heat-reducing window film to your windows can reduce your energy bills and prevent heat gain in your home or workplace as well. Think of heat-reducing window film as the gift that keeps giving!

Block the Glare

Applying a window film can dramatically reduce the amount of heat gain that enters your home overnight. It is an easy-to-apply laminate layer that you may have first heard about being applied to boat windows in order to keep the interior at a more comfortable temperature and reduce glare while navigating. Window film offers those same, and more benefits to homeowners and workplaces.

Customizable Options

The beautiful thing about residential and commercial window film is that these films can be tinted to suit the aesthetics of your home or workplace. What’s more, window films can be tinted to suit the amount of glare that you’re hoping to block out and the solar heat gain that you’re hoping to prevent in your home. Typically, darker tints will prevent more heat gain and lead to greater savings on heating and cooling since less cool air is escaping in the summer and less heated air is escaping in the winter.

Lower Unwanted Energy Transfer

Scientifically, window films lower the amount of solar heat gain that makes it into your home by absorbing the UV rays and reflecting those rays innocuously away from your home or workplace. The amount of solar heat gain can even be quantified scientifically with a visible transmittance (VT) rating or, more commonly, a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) score. The lower score that your window film is able to achieve in terms of solar heat gain coefficient, the lower the amount of solar heat gain that is being transmitted and the more that you’ll save every month on heating and cooling expenses.

Greater Home Comfort

Window films significantly reduce the amount of glare that makes it into your home, which makes it much more enjoyable to lounge out and have a conversation in the living room with your family. Window film will also reduce the UV rays that make it in and have the potential to fade your furniture, carpeting, and more.