Window Filming Can Make Your House More Beautiful and Save Money

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Window filming is one of the most effective home improvement projects that you can undertake. It beautifies your house, saves money, protects you from ultra-violet rays, reduces glare, and improves privacy among other benefits. Most homeowners are looking for effective and sustainable ways to cut expenses and save a dollar whenever possible. How does window filming save you money? Although residential window tinting will require a considerable amount of investment initially, the long-term savings and benefits are certainly worth it. Here is why you should consider window filming as your next project.

Reducing Solar Heat Penetration

Are you considering replacing the single pane windows in your home with double panes to reduce solar heat penetration? Well, you can undertake window filming instead. The common solar films are designed with a thickness of between 1 to 20mm. Even though thicker options are also available, they are more suited for rooms that require more safety and protection. According to experts, filming windows filters light and repel around 80% of the solar energy. Window filming costs about 90% less than replacing single pane with double-pane windows.

Reducing The Overall Cooling Costs

If you are looking to install window films in your house, chances are that you live in an area with high temperatures and plenty of sunshine. This means that you have invested in cooling equipment to help improve the indoor environment. Window filming reduces heat and eventually cut down cooling costs. During the cold seasons and possible winter months, the films double as secondary insulation and prevent warm air from escaping. Window tint also helps in maintaining constant warm temperature throughout the cold days. As a result, most homeowners realize a significant return on investment a short time after undertaking this project.

Decorative Attributes

Window films come in various colors to cater to varying tastes and preferences of the customers. Regardless of the color you choose, tinted windows are quite appealing both from the inside and outside. Installing window film could be another way of adding that aesthetic touch you need into your home.

Protecting Furnishings

In most cases, homeowners love to design their homes in such a way that the windows will let in a little sunshine. Unfortunately, sunshine is never consistent, and it is too bright or too hot in some seasons. Too much heat and sunshine cause furniture, fabric, paintings, floor work, and other home furnishings to fade or lose their glow. The cost of replacing these furnishings every now and then could be quite high. With the residential window tinting, your furnishings will be protected from damage by the rays and heat from the sun. This not only preserves your home’s beauty but also saves you a lot of unexpected replacement costs.

Security And Privacy

Clear window panes force homeowners to heavily invest in translucent shears and curtains for privacy and security. However, during hot days, heavy curtains contribute to the accumulation of heat in the house. With window filming, you are given freedom and privacy from outsiders. It also offers extra protection from burglars or potential thieves who would give a quick sneak pick into your house looking for valuable items. In the long-run, the tinted windows save you money as you will not have to invest so much in security equipment such as surveillance cameras.

Installing a window tint shouldn’t be a cumbersome process. If you are not a DIY fanatic, you should contact professionals to handle the project. This way, you’ll enjoy the beauty and the benefits of window film in your property.