Removing Window Tint Bubbles

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window tint air bubbles

Tinted windows can be an attractive addition to your boat, but the excitement of your newly tinted ride can fade once you notice that there is a group of bubbles under the tint film. As disappointing as it may be, that doesn’t mean you have to rip off the film and throw your hard-earned money down the drain. Here are some steps to follow yo fix the tinting disaster.

1. Check for Warranty
If you hired a professional to tint your windows, you can call them and ask for a repair or a replacement if it is under warranty. This is the easiest option, so if you have a warranty and time, why not?

2. Find an appropriate setting
When performing the task, make sure you are in warm temperature and clear weather. Warm weather will hear interior surfaces and help to remove the bubbles easier.  If you aren’t able to work on a sunny day, you can use a hairdryer to heat up both sides of the windows and tint.

3. Mist The Windows with Water
Once the windows and tint have been heated, use a spray bottle to apply a mist of water to the window tint.  Coldwater against the hot windows will loosen the film and make it easier to get air bubbles out.

4. Remove Air Bubbles
There are a few choices when it comes to removing air bubbles. The best way is to use a squeegee and an old card of some kind.  Push the air bubbles to the edge of the tint and release the air. For more difficult bubbles, you can use a safety pin to pop them, but be sure not to rip the film. After you thoroughly pop every bubble, use your squeegee to smooth out the tiny. Hold it at a 45-degree angle and use long strokes with medium pressure to release remaining bubbles. If the film dries before popping all of the bubbles, simply mist the window again. When you are done, dry the window’s surface with a lint-free cloth.

Another method to fix your issue is by removing the tint.
1. Dry The Surface
Dry the window’s surface with a lint-free cloth.
2. Melt The Adhesive
Melt the adhesive under the film by applying heat from a hairdryer over the area.
3. Peel Off Tinting
Begin peeling back the corner of the window tint that is closest to the affected area. Only remove enough tint that the bubbled area is no longer on the window glass.
4. Reapply Adhesive
Apply a thin layer of adhesive to the back of the window tint and place it back onto the glass.
5. Mist The Surface
Mist the surface with water and use a squeegee to remove the water and any air under the surface. Then, dry the window using a lint-free cloth.
After you’ve followed these steps on all of the windows, you will now have a successful window tint.