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Miami window tinting

Miami Window Tinting

Businesses have long realized the many benefits from Miami window tinting. The practice has become ubiquitous in recent decades as companies have realized the energy savings and the privacy benefits.

Tinting windows has also become a trend in car windows

The average homeowner has not begun to tint their windows in large numbers yet, and many offices and boats have not caught on to the trend of window tinting. That needs to change. Homeowners need to realize the benefits of window tinting and embrace the practice as soon as possible to save both their homes and their wallets.

  • Window tinting has several benefits. The most obvious and preferable to businesses is the energy savings. Windows are the key to heating and cooling for a home or business. They allow sunlight in which is trapped inside the home and heats it.
  • Windows provide a miniature version of the greenhouse effect for these buildings. Then, thermostats automatically kick in and either heat or cool the building based on the temperature caused by sunlight. For the purposes of electricity bills, the highest cost associated with them is from air conditioning.
  • There are several ways to reduce the amount of sunlight coming into a home. One is to build the windows where they do not allow light in when the sun is rising or at its strongest. This approach is known as passive solar, and it has been known to cut down on electricity bills somewhat.
  • But the approach can be prohibitively expensive, especially for homeowners who have already built and completed their homes.

Passive solar also requires a considerable amount of planning

Can be rendered moot by new buildings or torn-down trees. Many businesses also mandate the use of blinds to cut down on the amount of sunlight coming in. The same can be true for some homes. However, the problem with just using blinds is that blinds are not always helpful. Sometimes, people want natural light and to see the outdoors while they work or play inside. Blinds cut down on that natural light and force people to use incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, two types of light which can cause their own set of problems.

  • Businesses can also take advantage of commercial window tinting Miami to reduce air conditioning costs.
  • While businesses have begun to use tinted windows in recent years, some businesses have not seen the need for the expense. The expense of the window tinting is nothing, however, compared to the expenses associated with cooling throughout the summer months.
  • Many businesses with branches are unable to set their own thermostats, meaning that they cannot easily manage their cooling costs. Window tinting is an easy, hassle-free way to reduce those costs.
  • The process takes little time and little effort from the company owners, and will start showing savings for the company immediately after installation.

Window tinting in Miami allows people to enjoy their homes and businesses while also saving money on air conditioning. The process consists of a thin film which is attached to the window in a slow and laborious way. A heat gun is used to apply the film and the glass is prepared beforehand to help make sure that it contours to the glass and does not peel away after a particular period of time.

  • Workers put down drop cloths and move furniture to ensure that there are no messes or spills from the process.
  • The process takes a short amount of time and does not cause a significant obscuring of the outside world.
  • A homeowner can enjoy all of the trees, sun, and outside world that they want while also taking advantage of sizable air conditioning cost reductions.
  • Miami window tinting could result in up to 60% heat reduction, which may save a homeowner or business hundreds of dollars each year in energy costs.

Marine window tinting, which our company also offers for businesses and homes that are on the water, is a slightly different process. For this type of window, the glass is often curved. Therefore, tinting experts must be particularly careful in order to ensure that the glass is not harmed and that the adhesive actually stays on. Often, the process involves Brillo pads, soapy water, and a flat razor to shave down the glass and ensure that it takes on the adhesive of the tinting film.
Tinting also helps reduce wear and tear throughout a person’s home. Many of the items that people own and use on a daily basis are sensitive to sunlight. Plastics can break down in sunlight after a certain period of time.

  • The breakdown of plastics can cause them to leech out dangerous chemicals. Sunlight can also tarnish many other types of materials.
  • Newspapers turn brown in direct sunlight and priceless heirlooms can tarnish after months or years of sun exposure.
  • Paintings can have their colors start to fade. This risk of exposure is a major reason why most museums are so dark.
  • The priceless artifacts inside are exposed to only a certain level of light which ensures that they are kept safe and do not suffer any ill effects.
  • Most importantly for homeowners, window tinting can protect health and eyesight. UV radiation passes straight through normal types of windows.
  • This radiation can be harmful in a number of different ways. UV rays can cause sunburns even through windows in people with sensitive skin.
  • Over time, these rays can also cause liver spots and wrinkling of the skin.

office window

Such long-term effects are particularly harmful in a home setting

Why? because the strength of the sun is not proportionate to the amount of heat a person feels. Usually, people can feel a sunburn or an inordinate amount of UV rays that may eventually cause problems because of the heat of the strong sun bearing down upon them. But in the case of indoor sun exposure, the person is still being cooled by their air conditioning. Due to the amount of time people like to spend inside soaking in the sun, while either reading or going about their daily lives, it is entirely understandable why people can absorb so many dangerous UV rays.
UV rays can also be harmful to eyesight. Continuous exposure to UV rays has been shown to cause eye problems such as cataracts and molecular degeneration. These problems can severely harm eyesight and may even lead to legal blindness.

As previously noted with skin health, homeowners often do not realize that their eyes are at risk. In addition, the glare from strong sunlight can affect many daily activities. Strong glare can distort watching television, reading, and effectively using a computer. Glare can also cause temporary blotches or spots in a person’s line of sight that are certainly an annoyance.

  • Blinds, long sleeves, and constantly wearing sunglasses indoors are all cumbersome or impractical solutions for the UV ray problem that many houses and businesses have.
  • The UV rays that harm eyesight and affect the skin can be solved by solar tint south Miami. Window tinting is a form of physical sunscreen, like a parasol or a shade tree.
  • It provides a dark layer which physically blocks UV rays and some of the sun’s light from entering a home or business.
  • The tinting process ensures that the sun shade stays on for an extended period of time.
  • This process basically allows residents of a home or business to go about their daily lives without the risk of damage to their health from the sun.

Window tinting can be helpful in almost any environment. All environments have at least several hours of sunlight per day. They have air conditioning costs and their residents are vulnerable to strong glare and UV radiation. However, perhaps the best area for window tinting in the United States is south Florida.

Factors of the quote may be number of windows

Thesize of windows, and height of windows. After a quote, the company will schedule a visit to install your window tinting. A few short days later, you will have a window tinting system that will allow you to see the outside world and reap the benefits of lower energy costs and protected valuables. Make sure to contact our company for window tinting in Miami today.