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Ceramic Window Tint

Nothing repels the intense Southern Florida sun and keeps you more comfortable than ceramic window tinting. In the Miami area, it is essential for offices, homes, and marine vessels. As the best window tinting on the market, ceramic tints reduce energy costs, prevent sun damage to interior rooms and furniture, and provide privacy without obstructing the outside view. It also makes homes more valuable, offices more sophisticated, and boats better protected from the rigorous sea environment.

Ceramic window tint from Miami-Dade Tinting provides style as well as savings.

Our expert installers provide seamless insertion that makes the ceramic window tint look like it is part of the original windows. Combine the cool look with the cooling- cost savings from 60 percent heat rejection, and your investment in your property pays for itself. In addition, you enjoy the benefit of 90 percent glare reduction, providing a cool environment to work on your computer or watch television without the bright Miami sun interrupting your screen time. This glare reduction also increases safety for boaters, ensuring that their view from the pilot house remains unobstructed. The 99 percent UV protection keeps harmful rays from damaging not only your property, but also your skin. In Southern Florida, protection from the strong sun has always been a priority, and Miami-Dade Tinting provides the strongest protection on the market.

Ceramic window tint offers even more than the best available UV protection.

It also renders windows nearly shatter proof. This benefit always interests business owners, who know that break-ins are a reality, especially since commercial buildings are often vacant at night and on the weekends. Burglars often try to enter through windows to bypass locks and security systems. When ceramic window tint has been applied, the windows are not only shatter resistant, but burglars cannot see inside, making the building a less attractive target.

Privacy does more than deter thieves. Many businesses are located in high-traffic areas. People looking in can create innumerable distractions for employees. When privacy takes priority at your business, Miami-Dade Tinting provides the best ceramic window tint installed with the professionalism that makes a business look like its on top of its game.

Another advantage business owners appreciate is ceramic window tint’s excellent interaction with cellphones and GPS devices. Ceramic window tint film was designed with ceramic as opposed to metallic properties. The ceramic film allows maximum efficiency for electronic devices. This benefit also applies to home and boat owners. Good cellphone reception is always desirable at home, and boat owners know the importance of good reception while at sea.

Most businesses in Miami-Dade opt for tinted windows

Many homeowners fail to realize the great benefits of using ceramic tinting in their homes. Just as window tinting saves businesses hundreds and thousands or dollars in cooling costs each scorching Miami summer, window tinting for a house or condo provides huge savings. Window tinting alone brings a 15 degree temperature savings to your home. Often, tinting allows homeowners to delay using air conditioning during the more moderate spring months and turn off that expensive cooling unit much earlier in the fall. On those brutal days of killer humidity and unbearable sun, tinting means that cooling unit works much less, which not only saves on the energy bills, but it reduces wear and tear on the unit, which adds thousands in savings over time.

Miami’s scorching sun causes hotspots and fluctuating temperatures based on the sun’s angle. This reality of living in the south makes home window tinting a necessity. Ceramic window tint creates a comfortable interior environment. There are no scorching sunspots that are unbearable even with the air conditioning running full blast. Dual reflective window tinting helps create an even more comfortable interior environment.

Like business owners, homeowners also worry about break-ins. First floor windows are of great concern, and without tinting, thieves or other harmful actors know what your home contains, and if you are home. Tinting prevents the glass from shattering and makes it impossible for them to know if you are watching them on the other side, calling the police and giving their description.

Though the quality of the window tint film carries great importance for successful protection for your home and business, service and installation are of equal importance. At Miami-Dade window tinting, we pride ourselves on service. Punctuality, reliability, and professional work are the benefits you can expect when working with us. Our many happy customers attest that they enjoy the best window tint carefully installed by professionals.

Our team starts with a professional consultation

We assess your needs and recommend the appropriate films. We always use energy-graded products. The energy grade rates the tint’s resistance to glare.

Ceramic window tint cost is always an important part of our consultation. In choosing ceramic window tint, quality must be considered. Cheap window tinting lacks the effectiveness of quality products and degrades much faster, requiring replacement much too soon. The customer loses out with inferior tint because the energy cost reduction is less. They also lose out because the benefits of a more comfortable interior are lost, and the appearance of the tint quickly becomes unsightly.

We use only the best, energy-graded tinting. This ceramic tinting lasts for many years against the Miami sun, providing tremendous benefits and a great exterior and interior look. For the best ceramic window tint from a dependable, professional installer.

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